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Related post: Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 12:47:23 -0800 (PST) From: Marc Subject: Raunchy With Dad (Scat, Incest)Disclaimer:The following story deals with subject matter that some readers may find objectionable. Therefore, if graphic depictions of sex involving scat and incest are offensive to you or if you are under the age of pretteen nude models eighteen, STOP HERE!Raunchy With Dad by Rim4youPrologueThe house on 54 Elmwood Drive, from its outward appearance, looked no different from the others surrounding it in the upper middle class neighborhood in which it stood. It was well maintained and had manicured lawns. So what made teen model noellen it so different?As a kid growing up, I often sandra model sexy wondered if what went on within the confines of our home happened elsewhere too.Dad worked hard as a construction foreman to see to it that I lacked for nothing. To say that I grew up spoiled would have an element of truth in it. After all, I was an only child. I was used to having my way.It wasn't until I found myself in the Marine Corps, following in my dad's footsteps, that I learned that what I wanted didn't necessarily mean that I'd get it.Following my stint in the Corps I decided to head back to the house on Elmwood Drive for a visit with my dad. Would everything fall into place as petite blonde model it did when I was a kid growing up in that house? Can memories be relived, literally?I was to find out soon enough as I pulled up into the driveway and realised that outwardly, everything appeared the same.Chapter 1As I made teen dream models my way up towards the front door, I gazed at the man, eighteen years my senior, framing the doorway. At forty, aside from a few whisps of gray hair at the temples, dad appeared childmodels bikini as though he had just stepped out of my childhood and I was returning home from summer camp with adventures to tell.In a sense that was true. But I was no longer vladmodels 15y a snotty nosed kid. Rather, I was returning home as one of 'the few and the proud.' A Marine."Matt!" Dad's booming voice greeted me."Hey Dad!" I hollered back, dropping my duffle pussy model porno bag deviant young models pantyhose model haven and scurrying tiny young models up the sidewalk to his strong, warm embrace. child models html "Nice to see you. You're looking good.""Nice to have you home again, son! Damn proud of you too, Matt!"As we hugged one another, all the familiar emotions came flooding back. A feeling of security and safety in my father's strong arms and the familiar scent of after shave mingled with sweat.I retrieved topless 16yr models my duffle bag and stepped into the house. Everything was as I remembered it."Not much has changed, Matt. Except for ... uh ... well, you little model toples know.""Are you doing okay, littleyoungmodel Dad? I mean ...""Aside from missing your mom, I'm okay, erotic model teenage Matt."Mom had recently passed away and I could tell by the tone in the letters that dad wrote to me, that he was somewhat depressed. That's one reason, following lsmodels exclusive my discharge from the Corps, that I decided to come home for awhile. To vlad model child keep dad company and perhaps take up where we had left off."Why don't you toss your duffle bag in your room while I go get us some beer.""I could use teen models foto a beer about now." I said."You'll find your room's still the same, Matt. Even down to the magazines you used to hide between the mattresses!"I blushed. Dad laughed and headed off towards the kitchen. I headed upstairs to my old room. tgp lsmodels Curiousity got the best of me and I peeked under am model agency the mattress. There, glaring back at me as if a ghost from the past, were two issues of "Drummer" magazine and a third one I didn't recognize with the title "Sleaze" emblazoned on the cover.I picked up the latter and thumbed through it. As my cock began to twitch, my eyes bugged out at the hot looking stud in leather chaps and harness kneeling in front of a similarly clad young man who was using the kneeling stud as a urinal."Oh my god!" I gasped, groping naturist top models the mound between my legs.I tucked the magazine under the pillow remarking to myself modelspics teen that I'd have some bedtime reading. I slipped into something more comfortable; a tank top and a pair of navy-blue, nylon jogging shorts model woman usa and not worrying about what was tenting the front of my shorts, headed back downstairs."I'm in nude years model the family room," dad hollered, as I bounded down the stairs."You were right, Dad!" I chuckled, entering the room and taking the beer he handed to me. youngmodel net "Everything's the same except for ...""You took pearl models a peek, huh?""Oh yeah!" I responded, grinning from ear to ear."So what 14yo girls models did you think of it?""Nice." It was all I could say at the time."From the looks of sexy model colombia it, Matt, I'd say you were pleased!"Dad winked at me and nodded before raising the bottle of Budweiser to his lips and saying, "here's to old times, son!"I lifted my beer bottle up and placing it to my lips, took a deep drink of the soothing brew, thinking nn whitney model back to those good times.Chapter 2We spent the next several hours getting snockered and swapping Marine stories. It seemed that now, my not being a kid anymore but a young man of twenty-two, dad seemed more relaxed in his hot premodels conversation. As the evening began to unfold I began to see a part of my father, which in the past, had only been subtle nude tall models hints, which now unfolded in more graphic detail. Tales of his adventures, similar to child jap models my own, of him and baby 3d model his Marine buddies after a night of carousing and finding themselves horny as hell with none but one another to unleash their pent up passions."I'm fuckin' freakin' you out, aren't I, Matt?""No way, Dad!" I exclaimed, clasping nude male modeling my hand on his knee and giving it a firm squeeze. "Semper fi!""You got that right, son!" Dad replied, taking a swig of his vladmodel 8 yo sixth beer. "A Marine is always faithful to his buddies under any circumstance.""I know what you mean, Dad. Totally. Us guys gotta stick together even when ...""Horny?" Dad asked, looking at me with glassy eyes. A look that I recognized that hinted hunger."Fucking got that right!" I replied, leaning back in my chair and spreading my legs wide."Jeez!" Dad whistled. "You sure have filled out. Joining the Corps did you a world of good.""In more ways than one, Dad!" I said, feeling the warmth of the booze and the need rising between my legs taking effect."You fuckin' seducing me, boy?""Semper fi!" I purred, drawing up my legs and draping them over the arms of the chair and dropping a hand to my crotch and giving my stiffening tool a squeeze."I've changed somewhat, Matt, since we last ...""So I've noticed." I interrupted. "Your little homecoming gift in my room."I slid my hand down the front of my shorts and wrapped my fingers around my cock.Dad chuckled. "You really liked that, models preeteen incest huh?""Oh yeah, fuck!" I little child models sighed. "It nude model list was so hot!""I could work things out, Matt. You know ... a tag team. You and I. There's alot of guys out there who'd like to see what you and I can and used to do together.""Fuck yeah!" bd models naked I moaned, priteen kid models cupping my balls and feeling my pisshole oozing a pearldrop of gay model orgy pre-cum."Only now, we'd take it a step further. Get real nasty!""How nasty?" I asked, looking deep into my dad's eyes."As nasty as you wanna be, amanda tapping model Matt." lingerie model galleries Dad replied, groping the tool snaking down his left thigh.I looked at the stiffening joint, confined within his jeans, growing and inching down his thigh. Its outline becoming more and more prominent and visible.Flashbacks of black photo models my dad coming cuban teen model into my model cards teen room, when I was stunning glamour models a kid, in the middle of the night and feeling his warm japan young model breath on my crotch came flooding back to me."Pull out your dick, Matt!" Dad hissed. "Show me your cock!"The familiar words rung in my ears as I tugged the front of my jogging shorts down under my balls and exposed myself. My dripping cock twitched as it lay flat pedo model nude against my taut stomach.Through my half closed eyes I could see my dad sliding off of the sofa and, indian models bikinis on his knees, groping himself, inched his way towards my outstreatched legs."Yeah!" Dad hissed, drawing himself closer and closer to me. "My boy's got a big cock. Like father, like son! Play with it the way I taught you to!""Aw fuck!" child model agent I moaned. "Do I drawing nude models have to, Dad? That's so nasty!"The feeling of being daddy's little boy was once more welling up within me, as I curled my fingers around ls forum models my dick with one hand and with the other, slid my hand over my hairy balls and inched my fingers into my sweaty asstrench towards my asshole."Do it!" Dad bellowed, placing himself between my legs. I exposed nn model could hear the sound bald supermodel of his zipper being pulled down and with his deep sighs, knew that he had taken his ukrainian model cock in hand and was stroking it."I'm non nude modell top thong models not a kid anymore, Dad!" I almost whimpered, as my hand glided up and down my thick shaft and one of my fingers models adolescent russian found itself at my moist, now hairy, butthole."Semper fi!" Dad whispered, as he grazed his lips over my balls."I'm faithful, Dad!" I preten models moaned, as I slipped petite models galleries a finger into my juicy hole."Yeah! That's the way a Marine satisfies himself!" Dad hissed, sucking my balls into his mouth.This was the free little models way it had always started on those nights so long ago. Slipping into my room, dad would kneel at my bedside and working his head under the covers, I'd feel his breath on my crotch and his coaxing for me to stroke my dick and finger my asshole."Oh god!" I moaned, writhing in the chair as I sunk my finger deeper and deeper russian porno model up kid model my hole, all the while stroking my dick childsupermodels non nude as dad customer lingerie models continued to suck and tug on my balls. "I'd rather have your cock up my ass!""Mmmmmm!" Dad moaned, slurping on my balls. "My nude female models little boy has grown up!""I'll always be your boy, Dad!" I kinder models moaned, digging my top teenz models finger deeper and deeper up my bare teen models ass."You know what to do now, Matt!" Dad whispered, spitting my nuts out of his mouth and trailing his lips up my rigid shaft, his tongue amateur bondage model tickling the sensitive underside of my dick, towards the head of my cock."Do I have sexwith models to?" I groaned."Semper fi!" Dad young cnadid models hissed."Aw fuck!" I sighed, slipping my finger out of my ass."Do it!" Dad commanded."What, sir?" I asked, my body heaving models russian with alena model imageboard lust, just as I remembered as a fourteen-year-old model bikini profesional boy."Smell your stink, burnette model actress son!" Dad hissed, as he wrapped his lips around the head topless photo model of my dick and sucked, flicking his tongue in and out of my pisshole."Aw fuck! Jesus!" I moaned, bucking my hips upward to allow his beckys dungeon models wet mouth to slide down my slimey, 12yo model pic oozing dick."Sniff your finger!" Dad bellowed, gagging as tweens teen model the head of my swollen cock hit the back nude models porn of his throat."Yes sir!" I shouted, passing the foul smelling digit under my nose and taking deep early teens models whiffs.I rememberd how, as a kid, following my dad's exact same orders, the scent of my ripe hole upon my finger disgusted me. It would make me gag.It would only be years later, when fit teen model a jarhead named Langley, on our first weekend pass after bootcamp, after a night of heavy drinking, planted his raunchy smelling butt on my face and that pungent aroma curled up my nostrils, that I knew that I was hooked on asshole."What do you smell, boy?" Dad asked, in a future young models voice husky with lust.I suddenly recalled how Langley had asked me the same thing model t ford when his firm, muscular ass was straddling my face."I smell asshole, sir!" I barked, sniffing my finger. "Stink, dirty asshole, sir!""Yeah! Smell that stink, boy!" Dad hissed. "That's a fuckin' Marine's asshole your sniffin'! Fuckin' Marine cunt!"Unlike, when I was a kid and the scent of my asshole young danish models repulsed me, now with my finger raised in front of my face coated loitas model with a slimey, stink residue wafting up my nostrils and my dad's mouth slurping on my rigid, throbbing dick and his hand tugging on my balls, I could almost picture Langley's gaping hole hovering over my face. His juicy asslips, tinged brown and reeking of filth taunting me. Teasing me."I smell shit, Dad!" brazilian models ass I groaned, driving my smelly digit up my nostril and taking a deep breath."Yeah! Smell that fuckin' dirty hole of yours, Matt!" Dad hissed, as he tugged my shorts down and clasping his hands behind my knees, pushed my legs up and buried his face into my sweaty trench. "Aw fuck! Fuck!" Dad cried out, dragging his nose over my assips and taking deep whiffs."Fuckin' smell my stink, bitch!" I groaned, gyrating my butt onto his face. "Smell that raunchy manpussy!""Fuckin' stink, man!" Dad sighed, rubbing his nose over my swollen, puckering asslips and inhaling my stench deeply. "Fuckin' nasty shithole!""Yeah, bitch!" I hollered. "Suck on those stinky cunt lips! Taste my stink you fuckin' butt whore!""Aw fuck! Fuck!" Dad sighed, encircling jurgita teen model his lips around my anal ring and sucking hard."Gonna be my fuckin' toilet bitch, huh?" I gasped, expelling a noxious, powerful, juicy wet fart into his mouth."Fuckin' slut!" Dad yelled, sniffing and lapping at my exploding hole."It's what you fuckin' turned me into, Dad!" I hollered back. "A fuckin' twisted bitch! A pig for stink, dirty, man to man sex!""You fuckin' whore!" Dad bellowed, sucking wild teen models at naked mature models my asshole, now dripping, like my cock, with slime."Eat shit, motherfucker!" I commanded. "Eat my fuckin', stink butthole slop!"My hole rumbled and gaped open. It was breathing a life all its own as I let rip one ripe, juicy fart after another onto my dad's face."Yeah! Feed me nude modeling portfolio your farts, Matt!""Fuckin' gonna feed elite nn models you more than my stinky manfarts, bitch! Fuckin' gonna feed you turd, man! I know you want it, pig! Just girl model thumbs like in the photograph from the magazine! Your mouth full of shit! Eat shit, man! Eat shit!""Give it to me, slut!" Dad bellowed. "Feed me your stinking turd!"I let out a low grunt and began farting out a thick, slimey, stinky log which korean model naked dad wrapped his lips around and began sucking on as if he were sucking on cock."Suck on that turd, brother model ex660 man!" I groaned. "Eat shit!"As I sighed, expelling pedo models underwear my filth, my cock erupted with a stream of warm, golden piss.Yes. It was nude virtualsupermodels pics good to be home!******************************I welcome your comments. Write to me at
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